Whether you’re planning to settle into a Blockbuster film, get stuck into a video game, or have friends over for the big match – we’ve got you covered.

Home Cinema Room
Home Cinema Design


What better to have in the comfort of your home than your own private cinema?

Perhaps you have a spare room or garage that is failing to fill your heart with joy. Let us transform that space into your most loved room. Our team of designers will help recreate your space with surround Dolby Atmos sound, bespoke seating and smart lighting – meticulously engineered for maximum viewing pleasure.

We will build your space as a 3D render showing you exactly how the room will look and feel, even allowing you to explore the space in a virtual reality headset to get as close as possible as the real thing before we start the build.

Media rooms

Dedicated cinema rooms are perfect for home entertainment, but not every property has the space required – enter the increasingly popular media room.
Media rooms provide the perfect compromise – with all the design aspects of a tranquil living space, that include discreet speakers and screens that can achieve impeccable cinema experiences. Media rooms perform very well during the day time without requiring the darkness of a cinema room.
Discreet is the name of the game – speakers hidden within walls or ceilings and projectors or TVs that can drop down from hatches or cabinetry. Providing a mesmerising transition from a beautiful living space, to a cinema experience catching the latest box office releases on the Big Screen.
Home Cinema Installation
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