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Bespoke Home Cinema London

When Jeremy Lynch contacted us for a Cinema we knew right away it was going to be something special!

The room was a complete blank canvas – a glorified storage room 5m x 5m with huge potential.

Jeremy had some ideas of his own which we used as inspiration to create a completely bespoke design for the room. By using our detailed 3D renders and Virtual reality headset tour we were able to show a detailed preview

Of our concept. Fortunately Jeremy and Shauna loved it as much as we did so we proceeded with the installation. Some of the key features of the room are custom made fabric wall panelling, Star light ceiling, colour changing Pixel LED, Bespoke seating, 120” projector screen, 5.1.2 Doilby Atmos surround sound, Control4 automation system and of course 4K Projection!

We are delighted with how we transformed this room and it is used daily by the happy couple!

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Dobly Atmos Party Room – London

Ahead of a large Home Renovation and loft extension – an awesome Media room was high priority downstairs  for two brothers living together in West London.

They wanted a high quality 85” TV with a quality surround system to watch sports, Netflix and play music for house parties.

During the renovation we ran all of the cabling for surround sound, the TV and smart LED lighting. Once the decorating and plastering was complete we returned to work our magic.

A custom sized Traid LCR speaker was made to fit flush below the 85” 4K Samsung TV and the remaining speakers were all installed in the ceiling to keep all of the walls clean and un touched on request.

5.1.2 Dolby Atmos setup.

We used a Control4 system to automate the entire system, TV, Audio and lighting. All accessible via the handheld remote and smart phone app.

From Lounge to Home Cinema – London

When Super car customizer Yianni contacted us to embark on a Home Cinema transformation we knew this was going to be an awesome project.

The room was a pretty typical Lounge comprising of a large front and side wall with open plan Kitchen overlooking the space.

During our first meeting with Yianni we wanted to establish the general style of the room and what type of content they usually watch. Yianni is a big football fan so we decided on an 120” 16:9 acoustically transparent screen combined with Jet Black bespoke wall panels to conceal the LCR speakers. As part of our design process we create detailed 3D drawings of the room featuring all details we are proposing. As you can see from the YouTube video the VR tour of the room is incredibly detailed and scaled to the precise measurements of the room. In our experience this helps the customer greatly when deciding on a design and layout of the room. Needless to say Yianni was delighted with the concept and we proceeded with the installation which was completed in 3 days on site with minimal disruption to the rest of the house.

Here we  installed a 5.2 Surround sound system, 120” acoustically transparent screen, bespoke lightbox, smart lighting and a Control4 automation system

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“Soho House” Themed Home Cinema

This was a fantastic Cinema Room which oozes class and quality. After our initial site meetings we worked with the client to ensure their big ideas were brought to life.

The family wanted a classic themed room but packed with cutting edge technology.  Our client intended to use the room during both day and night so wanted the room to perform in both darkness and with ambient light. To achieve this we proposed an 85” 4K Sony TV

for daytime viewing with the natural light pouring in but also installed a motorised 3m wide 235:1 drop down projection screen for Movie nights. A dual purpose room such as this is perfect when a decision cannot be decided on for 16:9 or 235:1 aspect ratios.

To control the lighting in the space we used Lutron controls automating bespoke blackout blinds and a stunning curtain to the rear of the room.

Our speaker system was a 7.2.4 Artcoustic Dolby Atmos system paired with a Sony 4K projector. 2 rows of vibrant motorised seating and complete dark fabric wall treatments put the cherry on the cake for this room.

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Gallo Sound System Fit For A Musician

This project reflects a simple and easy way to enhance the audio in any room when the style and aesthetics are paramount.

The stunning Gallo Acoustics 2.1 system for musician JP Cooper was installed so discreetly it gets lost into the décor of the Lounge.

JP Decided on a custom RAL colour from Farrow and Ball for the A Diva SE Speakers so they would match the colour palette of the room.

Paired with the Gallo Acoustics TR-3D Subwoofer this small but mighty system packs a punch. We used a Control4 streaming amp which enabled DAB radio, dozens of streaming services and also Airplay which ensures simple access to your favourite tracks.

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Luxury Smart Mansion – London

At the inception of a large scale renovation to this property, the owners contacted us to incorporate smart home technology and lighting control. Our clients were very enthusiastic about integrating music, TV’s, lighting and climate control into one simple interface.

A comprehensive Lutron lighting and shading system was agreed on, along with a Control4 home automation system.

Control4 coordinated the lighting, multi room audio, video distribution, security cameras, intercom (dual electric gates), underfloor heating and HVAC.

Period properties such as this demand great care when selecting products to maintain the integrity of its features. We worked closely with the client, architect and builder to ensure the buildings features were complimented.

This was a fantastic project to be a part and we are very proud to add this to our portfolio.

Unique Mews Shade – London

A very unique project indeed. The home owner contacted us with a problem. The huge skylight spanning over 2 x 9 meters was essentially turning their home into a greenhouse – which magnified the already soaring temperatures in the summer months. They had experienced temperatures as much as 10 degrees warmer inside the home. During a recent summer heatwave it became unbearable.

We supplied and installed a completely bespoke Lutron heat reflective shade and remodelled the lighting to incorporate some linear LED strip around the shade.

Both the shade and the dimmable lighting are controlled by wall mounted keypads as well as mobile remotes for convenience. Our installation and project management covered everything from internal scaffolding to final touch ups required – providing a complete service from start to finish.

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Elegant Home Cinema – Ascot

This stunning home boasting an advanced smart lighting system but very little else. Our client purchased this home but felt something was missing… a luxury home cinema. Thankfully the developer had implemented a solid wiring infrastructure within the property.

Our design and install team worked together to produce a simply breath-taking home cinema.

The aesthetics of this room were very important for our client. Thus, an obvious transformation between an elegant room  and a powerful cinema was required. This can be achieved simply at the touch of a button. The blackout shades lower, cinema screen curtains open, motorised seating reclines, the projector lift drops down and all the audio and video equipment fires up. This room truly has the ability to immerse all of your senses. This cinema room is one of our favourite rooms we’ve ever been apart of.

Smart Home takeover – London

Our objective for this project was to upgrade the ageing control system that was in place as well as some further additions to incorporate video and audio distribution throughout the apartment.

The design team coordinating the renovation contacted us well in advance so we could establish a project plan to implement. Following on from this, we installed a complete Control4 system, blanket WiFi coverage, 4K video matrix,  four zones of audio, three 55” Sony OLED 4K TV’s  and an impressive 85” 4K HDR Sony TV in the media room. The design team were very passionate about maintaining a minimalist finish throughout.

With that in mind we selected products to suit these needs throughout the apartment.  Firstly a custom sized sound-bar to sit discreetly under the 85” Sony TV which was custom sized to match the width and colour of the screen.

Secondly we specified  Future Automation’s floor to ceiling mounts for both the Dressing room and Gym. These mounts worked particularly well by elevating the screens on walls that we could not fix wall brackets onto.

This project was a good example of how we can implement aesthetically pleasing  technology in your home.

Is your garden ready for summer?

Bradley Simmonds – a celebrity personal trainer and fitness expert, contacted us after moving into his new home. His desire was a whole garden sound system that can be used when training his clients and for garden parties and BBQ’s. This sounded simply incredible! We placed 4 speakers around the perimeter and 1  subwoofer which was buried under ground to provide some heavy bass. 
This was all installed retrospectively and all the cables and equipment was hidden well out of site.
We have a whole host of outdoor speaker ranges so please get in touch if you would like further information.

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