Lighting and shades

Set the mood

Intelligent lighting and shading for the home

Lighting is one of the most powerful atmospheric influences in our homes. Simply dimming the lights or alternatively opening the shades or curtains can change the mood of the room instantly.

Our smart lighting systems can fully synchronise your lighting and shades with the press of a button and therefore establishing the chosen mood in seconds. Multiple rows of dimmers or switches have been surpassed by single programmable easy to use keypads. Any button on a keypad can be programmed to control a single light, group of lights or even audio and TV’s.

A perfectly lit home adds warmth and ambience

Picture this – a button on the entrance hall keypad engraved “Welcome” which turns on all the ground floor lighting and hallways in the house. This a great example what is possible with an intelligent lighting system.

Another feature which is very popular is Holiday or Away mode. Holiday mode can trigger a “Mocupancy” lighting and shades scene in the home. These scenes will operate lighting and shades at varying times during your absence to simulate typical home activity. This offer great peace of mind to any frequent travellers who are concerned about home security.

As energy prices continue to soar, lighting and heating homes our has become more expensive. Intelligent lighting systems offer a great way to limit energy consumption within the home, by setting timers and using sensors it can become effortless to reduce energy wastage. When combined with energy efficient lighting such as LED, the running costs of your home can be drastically reduced.

Airwave AV can install smart lighting systems for new and existing properties – there are many innovative retrofitting lighting and shading products available now

We are happy to work with architects and lighting designers in detail to create your perfectly lit home.

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