Home cinema

Blockbuster film or the big match?

Experience the best in Home Cinema

What better to have in the comfort of your own home than your own private cinema? No need to leave home – just sit back, relax and watch your favourite movies or the big match. Perhaps you have a spare room or garage that fails to fill your heart with joy… Would you like to transform that space into your most loved room! From Garage to fully fledged Dolby Atmos cinema room with bespoke seating and smart lighting – our transformation team of designers and installers can level up your viewing pleasure.

Every inch of your cinema is meticulously planned and engineered for complete sound and viewing pleasure. The complete room can be built into a 3D render showing you exactly how the room will look and feel prior to installation. Our latest innovation with cinema design is the ability upload your bespoke room onto our virtual reality headset unit so you can get as close to the real thing as possible. This a simply stunning experience and can be a great inspiration tool.

Media rooms

Dedicated cinema rooms are perfect for home entertainment, but not every property has the surplus space required. Enter the increasingly popular Media rooms…

Media rooms provide the perfect compromise to a dedicated home cinema. These rooms are multi functional spaces that do not require an exclusive space. You can now enjoy a fully immersive viewing and listening experience in your living room. Media Rooms have all the design aspects of a tranquil living space but include discreet speakers and screens that can achieve industry standards. Media rooms perform very well during the day time – opposed to cinema rooms which require near complete darkness.

Some examples of visually pleasing options include invisible speakers that are hidden within walls or ceilings and Projector or TV Lifts that can drop down from discreet hatches or cabinetry. Media rooms are typically based on a large screen 4K OLED TV’s but in many cases combined with a projector and drop down screen. Providing a mesmerising transition from the daytime viewing on TV to the latest releases on Netflix on the big screen.

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