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Simple and reliable home control

Home automation is the use of modern technology and control systems  with the objective of making your home simpler. The list of products and services within the home is growing every daily – this can create a lengthy routine to your already busy day. Tasks such as turning the heating or music on need not be complicated. Control4 equipped homes can easily manage many devices in harmony via one simple to use interface.

By installing control 4 you are creating more time to enjoy life’s pleasures. Lighting, audio, climate control, intercom and TV screens can be simply coordinated with a Control4 smart home. A touch of a keypad or even a voice command can activate a sequence of events within your home. Such as activating a lighting scene and starting your favourite playlist. Enjoying your homes technology has never been easier.

Picture this – entering your home and pressing a welcome button on the lighting keypad. The ground floor lighting turns on, the shades open, heating turns onto your favourite preset and the kitchen speakers begin to play your Spotify playlist. The possibilities are near endless and fully tailored to you and your home.

Equipping your home with the latest in smart technology

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